Here comes the truffle season (and it’s great!)



Autumn is truffle time, time for this gourmet treasure. To commemorate it, we enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Bacco restaurant at Elysium hotel. – Maria Th. Massoura

With the first rain in Europe, truffles appear, these rare underground mushrooms that grow on the roots of specific species of trees and shrubs. A kind of these is the white or “trifola d ‘ Alba Madonna” (i.e., ” the white mother’s truffle “) which is considered of excellent quality and great value. It is found mostly in southern France and in the region of Piedmont in Northern Italy and, in particular, in the countryside around the towns of Alba and Asti. The scent is more sophisticated and discreet than any other types of truffle.
It is estimated that there are 200.000 people that collect white truffle, this precious culinary treasure, or Tartufo Bianco as its Italian name is.
The chefs of Ristorante Bacco, at Elysium hotel in Paphos, created for this period, a special menu dedicated to the white truffle.
We hurried to try it, in a special presentation evening. For that dinner, the restaurant’s sommelier, John Stefanidis, chose some very special and rare wines of Kyperounda winery to accompany the dishes with the white truffle from Alba starring.
To start, we had seafood. Pan-seared diver scallops, with “Tziverti” honey-parsnip purée, “Argori” raisin vinaigrette, vanilla infused foam and shaved “Alba” truffles. This great dish, was ideally accompanied by “Petritis”, a white wine made of the Cyprus indigenous variety, Xinisteri.

Pan fried diver scallops and Xinisteri white wine

The dinner continued with soup, a Jerusalem artichoke velouté with truffle quenelles, lime scented mascarpone and roasted sunflower seeds. The soup was full of flavors and was accompanied by a Chardonnay 2007 suggested by the sommelier.  The combination was great, since the typical taste of Chardonnay matched perfectly with the exuberant flavor of soup as well as with the dish that followed, after the break.

Jerusalem artichoke velouté accompanied by a 9 year old Chardonnay

A refreshing sorbet was our break, made from figs and cassis, ideal to ‘wash ‘ the mouth from previous flavours and prepare it for the main dishes. Note that the whole composition was delicious from the beginning to the end!

Fig and cassis sorbet in an edible pot!

The second part of the dinner started impressively with the glasses refilled with Chardonnay 2007 from Kyperounda winery.
The pan- fried fillet of John Dory was one of the best I’ve ever tasted. Enclosed in a roasted hazelnut and white truffle crust, accompanied by amazing gnocchi “Piedmontaise” with wild mushrooms, in a Prosecco and leek fondue.

When John Dory ‘met’ white truffle

When the glasses of wine changed, the signal for the second main dish came.

The rosemary poached beef tenderloin was accompanied by Rösti Bernois with truffle and autumn vegetables, while the waiter rubbed up a few more flakes of white truffle.

Shavings of white truffle are placed on top of the veal fillet

The wine chosen by the sommelier to accompany this dish, couldn’t have been anything else but a robust one. So a 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon from Kyperounda Winery was served. A wine that wasn’t transfused into a carafe, but all its aromas and taste were opened into the glass, while its color was deep red and vibrant. It was impressive !
The delicious dinner with the white truffle starring, ended in the way it started. Extravagantly !
The Bacco’s team of chefs, also known for their craftsmanship in pastry, created a small chocolate treasure. The dark chocolate mille feuille, served in a half bottle of wine, was accompanied by a ragout of pink pepper and kumquat while the show was won by the unlikely combination with amazing ice cream truffle!

White truffle and black choclolate!

Until next year!

This menu, with a vegetarian choice , will be served until 19 November. The cost for two dishes is 59 euros and 68 for 3. In case of an overnight stay, a special arrangement can be made.
For more information: 2684 4444 or via email and on Elysium Hotel.

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