Brussels of an odd September

“I wake up in the morning of an odd, almost surrealist, September. Mysteriously healed from yet another Kunderan comic love, I am possessed, since this morning, by the echo in my head of Tindersticks’ music. “We don’t want nothing we can live without / We don’t want nothing that don’t belong to us…in this fire of autumn, this fire of autumn”. This bright autumn in the centre of Europe, which under other circumstances would be grey and rainy, you don’t belong to me. I live without the weight of your existence. Je m’en fous!” – by Maya

Salsa and daiquiris at the ‘chameleon’ island

I had read once that ‘Cuba is like a chameleon in a time capsule.’ It was not long before I could see why. This tropical island incessantly changes colors, yet it manages to stay still in time – by Mahi Solomou

Caceres: The secret of a good paella

As you stand high up in the Castle and by using your imagination you may see behind the hill, the lanky figure of Don Quixote, on his horse and at the back following him, Sancho, on his humble donkey. In Caceres, you think you’re a hero in one of Cervantes’ tales. – by Themis Massouras