Tokyo … Nice to meet you. It was an experience of a lifetime!

In Tokyo’s central square, the Shibuya Crossing

It’s been a few years since I last visited this city. Did we really go there ? Yes, we did and got back and we ate and drank and it was an incredible life experience. 

by Anna Koumoushi

It is not easy to say : ” I΄ll go for a holiday … Tokyo “! But, since my sister who lived there for a few years would return to Cyprus for good, I should have grabbed  the opportunity to go there. My mom who hungered for travelling would be my companion. My sister would be the hostess and guide.

Can I refer to Tokyo as “another planet”? Yes I can.

Shibuya Crossing is, let’s say, their own Times Square. Much bigger, though. You may get lost there very easily. What a crowd,  guys !! What a crowd…!!!

Takeshita Dori is the pedestrian street in Harajuku area where we saw unique figures. I just wanted to observe them continuously … Their clothes, hairstyles, accessories, shoes … There, the fashion that only the Japanese guys and ladies can support dominates. It is a very popular shopping street for young people with many interesting indie, underground stores.

Το πιο φρέσκο ψάρι στην φημισμένη Tsukiji Fish Market
In the famous Tsukiji Fish Market

Tsukiji Fish Market is the most popular and the largest fish market in the world that supplies many restaurants in the city. There, there is an auction for all the fish and buyers may get the freshest !

In Asakusa, there is the famous Senso-Ji Temple and, around the area, vendors offer you everything such as delicacies with red beans and even trinkets and gorgeous kimonos.

Ο διάσημος ναός  Senso-Ji
The Senso-Ji temple

If you happen to visit this city you must try mussels. My sister insisted and mom was very much impatient. I hesitated. But I tried, what could I do? We went to Maimon Oyster Bar at Ginza district, where they offer 30 different varieties of mussels! You may drink wonderful creamy Japanese beers with every bite. Flavors are really smooth like velvet !  Kirin, Asahi, Sapporo and Suntory are some of them. Mmm ….

A very exciting experience was visiting Yakiniku restaurants. At the one we went, they reserved a room for us and we had a bell to call our waiter. He brought all the ingredients in front of us so that we could have everything needed to cook our own food. We could prepare as much as we wanted and in the way we wanted it, made from very fresh and pure ingredients. It was as if we were at home.

Αυθεντικο γιαπωνέζικο φαγητό
Authentic japanese food at its best

Roppongi Hills is the area where Mori Tower is located, one of Tokyo’s highest buildings with 54 floors. At Tokyo City View, on the 52nd floor, you can enjoy the entire city of Tokyo. The view there is magnificent. It gives a new meaning to the expression “breathtaking views”. There, you can find the museum of modern art, the Mori Art Museum.

Η απλότητα της γιαπωνέζικης φιλοσοφίας
the simplicity of the japanese philosophy

I think I’ll stop here as one article is not enough to describe our impressions and what we saw and ….ate. If you ever get the chance though, just grab it. It is like being at another world. Indescribable flavours, shockingly polite and smiling people everywhere…. and a beautiful organized chaos. Huge,with many colours. Many colours.

Goodbye Tokyo. Nice to meet you.

Το Τόκυο των χρωμάτων
Tokyo in colour


Anna is a jewellery designer, having her own brand, ‘annakoumoushi’. She works as a part time copywriter and editor and she is based in Cyprus. She is a firm believer in creativity, she loves her family, travelling, her plants and you will win her heart if you offer her a glass of good wine and a good conversation. She gets ‘lost’ in films and tv series to which she can easily be addicted to as she says. She may sound like a romantic, but Anna believes that there is good in the world. Her mother is her ‘guide’, the two Elenas are the bright stars in her life and her friends her driving force. Love? There is somewhere too! Somwhere, somehow, sometimes.She studied ‘Communications – Media Management’ at the New York Institute of Technology


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