Drinking with Jack


Which Jack?  The guy who sits next to you at the bar when you need him. The Jack that you open up to and… enjoy. Straight, with ice, in a cocktail. In this masterclass, my relationship with Jack Daniel’s whisky has been  redefined

It was December, 1st. I took the motorway to Limassol. My destination, the Draught Bar & Grill at Limassol’s Castle Square. There would be a masterclass,, starring  Jack Daniel’s, the most popular American whisky in the world.

I admit that my relationship with Jack ended years ago, in the phase of “Jack and Coke”.  SoIt was about time to put our relationship in a more proper frame. That was the right opportunity.

So, I arrived at Draught’s. Bartenders, sommeliers and organizers  took their place round the tall tables. Behind the bar were the Cypriot bartender Stefanos  Athanasiou and the Greek bartender John Peter Petris.

Bartender Stefanos Athanasiou creates the first drinks of the day

That day, we witnessed a new era of Jack, Mix Inspiration! Stephen and John would show us how Jack Daniel’s could become a very good base for cocktails.

Shakers came out, plenty of Jack filled the jigger, fruits were crashed into glasses with the muddler and colorful cocktails based on  Jack Daniel’s  came ahead for us to try!

Ο bartender Γιάννος Πέτρος Πετρής "παίζει" με το Jack Daniel's
Bartender Yiannos Petros Petris, uses Jack Daniel’s as a base for cocktails

The first one was Jack Daniel’s Lynchburg Lemonade. In a small jug, Jack was mixed with Southern Comfort and lemon. The result was  a refreshing drink, ideal as an aperitif on warm days in spring and early summer.

Πρώτο κοκτέιλ, το Jack Daniel's Lynchburg Lemonade
Jack Daniel’s Lynchburg Lemonade is the first cocktail of the masterclass

Next came the king of rock ‘n’ roll, Elvis of course. Jack Daniel’s no. 7 was mixed with sweet Cranberry liqueur, bitter chocolate and orange etc. What came  out was Velvet Elvis, a cocktail to be enjoyed  at the bar an afternoon after work.

Δεύτερο, το Velvet Elvis
Followed by a Velvet Elvis

Obviously a Mint Julep ,the traditional drink of the American South, could not be missing,. The characteristic metal glasses, which are among the most popular that “get” from the bar as jokingly John said, were filled with Jack, mint, aromatic bitters (Angostura) and along with other ingredients created Jack Julep.

Από τα βάθη του αμερικάνικου νότου, ακολουθεί το Jack Julep
and then a Jack Julep

For the end, we tried my favorite of the whole day, the Jack ‘ n ‘ Roll. It was  a combination of Jack, Chambord, lemon and fresh blackberries. You can enjoy this drink any time of the day (and you never get tired of it)

Το Jack 'n' Roll ολοκληρώνει το Master class
The “Jack ‘n’ Roll” is the fourth and final cocktail of the masterclass

Shortly before we left, our organisers revealed the second surprise of the day.

Jack Daniel’s had a new baby brother, a drink that appeals to those who want to enjoy Jack Daniel’s straight or with ice, but they are not accustomed to the taste of whiskey.

So, Jack Daniel’s launched its first version this year , the Jack Daniel’s Tennesse Honey!  A whiskey with honey and very soft aftertaste, ideal to be enjoyed plain or with ice.

Καλωσόρισες Jack Daniel's Honey!
A warm welcome to Jack Daniel’s Honey!

Cheers to Jack, then!

Jack Daniel’s is distributed in Cyprus by  S & Xinaris Sons Ltd and you can find Jack Daniel’s Honey in supermarkets and liquor stores..

You can find the full recipes for most of the above and other cocktails at www.jackdaniels.com.

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