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The Oyster Bar in Nicosia, is known for its superb food, where seafood is starring through international cuisine. However,  I’ll reveal a secret, that it is time to come out. By Maria Th. Massoura

When I visited it one day after work, I found out that the Oyster Bar is not a restaurant. The Oyster Bar is, first and foremost, a bar and, what is more, a very good one.


What is  a good bar? In the case of Oyster Bar, it is as follows : First of all, it has a list of ultra-premium spirits. Secondly, the cocktails prepared are based on these ultra-premium spirits.

Thirdly, the person  behind the bar is Demetris Georgiou, the manager of the Oyster Bar. A man who looks deeply into the matter, studies, experiments with materials, and respects traditional values. All these are applied to drinks.

The above three reasons reinforce a very simple fact: Cocktails are very good!

The Oyster Bar is open from 11 a.m. until 1 after midnight. This means that it is an ideal spot for after work drinks, too. A unique concept has been created in this way, where you can enjoy cocktails and wine, accompanied by exquisite bites, mostly based on seafood. Let’s take the topic from the very beginning.

As regards cocktails, the list consists of about 12, most of them classics with a twist.

You may start with a Gibson Martini Dry. Here, you have a Mediterranean touch, since its base is the ultra-premium Gin Mare, some components of which  include citrus, rosemary, thyme, basil and arbequina olives.

If you are a fan of the classic Gin n ‘ Tonic ‘, you will enjoy the version of the Oyster bar.  The ‘ Gin ‘ n ‘ Tonic ‘, is made with premium gin, premium tonic water while its classic character is highlighted by juniper berries (the main component of gin) in the garnish.

This is how Gin ‘n’ Tonic is served at the Oyster Bar

If you stay at the bar late, you will see how Demetris will make you an Old Fashioned, using bourbon, Smoked Islay whisky and homemade syrup, having already the glass “smoked” on spot.

Speaking about homemade syrup, I was impressed when I found out that Dimitris makes his own syrups and bitters. The one with pink grapefruit and the one with lavender impressed me. Moreover, I liked the fact that he makes his own ice blocks, a very important element in the world of cocktails.

For example, you will get a glimpse of the lavender syrup, if you try the “purple” cocktail with gin, lime, bitters, Skinos mastic gum and ,of courses lavender syrup.

Lavender is the star in this gin-based cocktail

The Aperol Spritz and Hugo, could not be missing from the list, the standard cocktails of aperitivo, the beloved after work habit of the Italians.

As regards signature cocktails,  rum-based Castaway with coconut, cinnamon and lime will take you somewhere on a  Caribbean island, lying under a Palm tree! On the other hand, Daisy, the version of margarita with tequila, lime juice and dry curacao, will take you to Mexico walking in agave plantations under the sun.

Rum-based, Castaway is one of the signature cocktails

The Oyster Bar cocktails are a value for money proposition. Considering that they are made with ultra-premium spirits, homemade syrups and bitters, their own ice and with a very good technique, € 8 per cocktail is an excellent price, isn’t it?

If you stick to wine,  the wine menu is equally well balanced.

How to turn tequila into a Daisy!


Cocktails with food? Hell, yes! For argument’s sake, accompany your drink with bites that have been created especially for the the After Work concept. Popcorn Shrimps, fried shrimps into small bites just like popcorn. Shrimp Rolls where shrimps are served with a sauce of caramelized butter and spicy mayonnaise. ‘ Fish n ‘ Chips, cooked to perfection, crispy and, at the same time, soft. Mussels with fries, a favorite delicacy, with a choice of 5 different sauces (wine, garlic, saganaki, ginger and flavored water) and choosing the amount (300 g, 500 g or 1 kg). The list of bites is completed with various kinds of canapés served per 6 persons, cheese platters, platters of selected seasonal fruit and cheese.

Mouthwatering shrimp roll!


This unique concept, is completed with various events during the week. You can be informed about them, in the Oyster Bar’s Facebook page. During this time, note Thursdays. From 7 until 12 there will be a cosmopolitan air in the Oyster Bar as De La Ioakim,  ex- resident dj at Nobu in London, will be behind decks, playing mainly nu disco Lounge tunes.

Popcorn shrimp, shrimp roll and gin ‘n’ tonic is what After Work is is about at the Oyster Bar!

Oyster Bar, 3 Μenandrou str. (off Th. Dervi str.), Nicosia. Tel. 22 270045. Open 7 days a week, 11.00-01.00

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