Oyster Bar: A different world

The Oyster Bar in Nicosia, is known for its superb food, where seafood is starring through international cuisine. However, I’ll reveal a secret, that it is time to come out. By Maria Th. Massoura

Milos: Only blue

The images from Milos come to my mind through a blue filter. It is not a coincidence. Put on your swimsuit and let’s go for a … swim! By Maria Th. Massoura

Gin Mare: A taste of the Mediterranean Sea

This is what I think every time I enjoy a drink based on Gin Mare, an ultra premium gin, originating from Spain and with an absolute Mediterranean character! – by Maria Th. Massoura

It’s a Wonderful (Scotch) World!

The dramatic landscape of the Scottish countryside, an evening with haggis and infinite moments with fine whiskey. Everything that happened when I found myself in the Distilleries of Glenfiddich and Balvenie whiskies -Maria. Th. Massoura