Cotswolds Gin: From Cotswolds with love


A spring stroll in the English countryside will remind you of Gin Cotswolds, the premium gin. Let’s try it – Maria Th. Massoura

Each gin like every spirit and wine, has a story to tell and a unique character waiting for you to explore. This is what I love when a new label lands in my hands. The first opening of the bottle, the first contact with the nose, the first sip. My new discovery and addition to my bar cart is Cotswolds Gin.

Cotswolds Gin comes from England and it is a typical London Dry gin.

Before I go on exploring, it is good to see what places a gin in the category of London Dry Gin. In accordance with the 2008 EU law, London Dry Gin is a gin – not necessarily made in London – created by a second distillation of a neutral spirit distilled in a pot still, dominated by juniper berries and other botanicals.

In this second distillation, the final result should be at least 70% ABV (alcohol by volume) and when water is added, it can be diluted up to 37.5%. It must not contain synthetic ingredients (color, taste) neither before nor after distillation. Cotswolds  Gin is exactly that. A premium London Dry Gin, with a strong presence of juniper berries and as well as citrus, another customary feature of an authentic London Dry Gin. By opening the bottle, you will feel intense aromas of juniper. But, my dear reader, when you first taste this gin a surprise awaits you. However, we will see about this later.

Cotswolds Gin distillery

Cotswolds distillery is located in the village of Stourton which is between Oxford and Stratford upon Avon, Shakespeare’s city. It took its name from Cotswolds where it is based. This area is located in the southern part of central England, covering 6 counties, with Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire among them. This is a historic area of England with marvelous rich nature and picturesque cities.

Cotswolds Distillery is located in the heart of the english countryside

Cotswolds distillery was founded in 2014, after a careful study. The aim of the founders was to create a distillery equipped with the latest technology which would be used to produce premium whisky, gin and other spirits. The detail in the distillery is quite impressive; even the pot stills for the whisky and gin are custom made. In what other way could art with which the artisanal spirits were made, the beauty and the rich botanical character of the region be showcased?

The creation of Cotswolds Gin

The people of Cotswolds Distillery wanted to create a gin with a unique character. So, with the help of a botanist, they chose the herbs for the recipe. In the first step of the process of creation, juniper berries, coriander seeds and angelica root are macerated in neutral spirit made from barley, for 12 hours, for the flavors to be mixed. Later, botanicals of the highest quality are added in the impressive Holstein pot still. Lavender, bay leaves, grapefruit and lime peel, black pepper and cardamom pods, complete the mixture of the botanicals of Cotswolds Gin. When distillation has finished, naturally distilled water from the Cotswolds spring is added, in order to reduce the alcohol level of Cotswolds  Gin to 46%.

The impresesive Holstein post still

The tasting notes of Gin Cotswolds

By taking this gin in my hands, the rather austere shaped bottle made me think of a typical London Dry Gin, with a traditional character. Indeed, by smelling it, as I mentioned above, the aromas of juniper berries were intense. But when I  tasted this premium gin with an ice cube, I noticed that there was a elegance in the tasting notes with beautiful flowery character. This is indeed a refined, premium quality gin.

Later on, we tasted Cotswolds Gin in three different cocktails.

In Gin n ‘ Tonic ‘

This is the most classic combination! Due to the strong presence of citrus, we 1724, a premium tonic with a similar citrus profile. For the garnish, we added 2-3 crushed cardamom pods – part of Cotswolds botanical mix – to give an element of sweetness , thin peels of fragrant Cyprus lemon and a few black pepper corns in order to enhance the gin ‘n’ tonic’s spicy character. The result was a delightful and harmonious ‘ Gin n Tonic that we enjoyed not only drinking it, but smelling it!

Cotswolds Gin ‘n’ Tonic

In Dry Martini

It is my opinion that Dry Martini, is a good indication to understand what kind of gin you drink, especially if you enjoy it, as I do, with just a little dry vermouth.

Dry Martini with Cotswolds Gin, was good in taste and aromatic, too, and certainly it helps if you add, 2-3 dashes of orange bitters. However in this case, I would prefer it, with the addition of more dry vermouth ( in the classic ratio of 4 parts of gin to 1 part of dry vermouth).

Cotswolds Dry Martini

In a White Lady

White Lady is one of my favorite gin-based cocktails, created in early 20th century. A cocktail with gin, orange liqueur (Cointreau), lime juice and egg white. We prepared White Lady using these ingredients and free range egg (extra bonus!). We garnished with lavender from our garden, as it is one of the botanicals of Cotswolds Gin and it also enhances the aromatic bouquet of the cocktail. The outcome? Cotswolds Gin goes so well in this cocktail! The orange aromas and flavours of the Cointreau is paired beautifully with the citrus elements of Cotswolds Gin and the creamy texture sort of smoothens out the pronounced scent of juniper berries!

Cotswolds White Lady

Our final conclusion? Gin lovers you have to add  Cotswolds Gin in your gins collection.

Special thanks to David A. Lakes for the creation of the cocktails and to Ioanna Xenofontos for the styling.

Cotswolds Gin is imported and distributed in Cyprus by  G. Kallinikou & Son Imports Ltd

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