A day at La Boqueria

A foodie’s paradise

 If you’re a foodie and find yourself in Barcelona, it is necessary to visit the famous La Boqueria. Not only to shop but also to try really good food. 

Whenever I go to a city, one of the first things I do, is to visit some of the food markets. Visiting Varvakeio market  in Athens, or Borough Market in London and many others makes me feel that I walk among dozens of small stores or branches, with fresh fruits and vegetables of every region, cheeses, meats, seafood, fish and I get a very good example of the  daily food of the locals.

One of the markets that I liked, not only for its products, is the famous Boqueria in the center of Barcelona, on the great La Rambla avenue. A historic food market in a city that its gourmet is far ahead, prepared by some of the best chefs in the world.

When I went to Barcelona, in March 2012, I told my friends that I would spend a whole day in Boqueria. They had no choice but to follow me.

Apart from my love for the food markets, I knew that I could find  Pinotxo bar, the owner of which is a friend of the great Ferran Adrian. Consequently, food would be very good.

So, one afternoon, after our strolls in the buildings of Gaudi and the narrow streets of wonderful Barcelona, we found ourselves in Boqueria.

Fresh seafood ready to be cooked

We entered a large building. As expected, there were a lot of people everywhere. The scenery was magnificent. Baskets full of fresh fruits, fresh vegetables and at the back, the fish market with octopus, crawfish and everything you could imagine. Elsewhere, someone was selling chocolates of various shapes, another one was selling cheeses from different regions. You could see salami, jamon, fresh eggs and  all kinds of nuts.  “A paradise of sensations” as it is referred in its website.

All kinds of charcuterie

After we had finished our walk, we spotted the small Pinotxo bar. People were waiting in queues.  We spotted the famous gentleman (he has been a waiter at Pinoxto for years and he is one of the emblematic figures of Boqueria), and we got a glass of cava (local white wine, slightly sparkling), took a number and waited.  When it was our turn (after an hour or more), we sat in front of the stool and showed what we wanted to be served.

Mr. Pinotxo, himself


They served us in small plates. Everything was made with fresh raw materials from  Boqueria. Wonderful shrimps, chipirones (small cuttlefish) with chick peas, cod, shellfish. Every mouthful gave us a taste of Barcelona. The glasses were constantly filled with cava, the plates were emptied .We got second servings.

After two hours, full and slightly dizzy, we decided to leave. We said goodbye to Pinoxto with a huge smile on our faces.

A perfect bite


  • Pinoxto bar is open from Monday to Saturday, from 6 p.m. until 5 a.m. Tel. + 34 93 317 17 31.
  • There are 13 places to eat in Boqueria. One of the best known is El Quim de la Boqueria, a family business that serves traditional food.
  • Get a taste of  Boqueria in the official website, www.boqueria.info.
You can never have enough Cava

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