Monemvasia: A castle with a view

The Venetians called it “Malvasia di Napoli”, i.e “Silk town”. We found out about it an afternoon in spring when we had a walk in the castle of Monemvasia. By Maria Th. Massoura

Milos: Only blue

The images from Milos come to my mind through a blue filter. It is not a coincidence. Put on your swimsuit and let’s go for a … swim! By Maria Th. Massoura

Σπιναλόγκα: Μια μέρα στο Νησί

Στα ανατολικά της Κρήτης, στον Κόλπο του Μεραμπέλλου, βρίσκεται η Σπιναλόγκα, ένα νησί με συγκλονιστική ιστορία. Οι λίγες ώρες που βρέθηκα εκεί, καταγράφηκαν σε φωτογραφίες. – της Μαρίας Θ. Μασούρα

An island like a dream

” Folegandros again? Well, isn’t that boring? “, said my friends when I announced that I would go there for the second consecutive summer. So I decided to explain why I love this island so much

India of my heart

There are some destinations that mark your life. I have always thought that this phrase is exaggerated, until I found myself in India’s Golden Triangle – by Maria Th. Massoura

48 hours in Constantinople

There are cities that you love, cities that you feel that they belong to you as time goes by and then, there are cities, like Constantinople, you fall in love with them immediately – by Maria Th. Massoura